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Top 5 Mistakes Relationship

Sometimes you will find the relationship will last forever it seems impossible. When you're dealing with love, or have had your heart broken, can be a source of inspiration to help to transform the Vedic astrology. We have all heard of Vedic Astrology compatibility helps to reveal - but what else makes a successful relationship? Discover the five critical errors can prevent a greater love for life ...

Mistake # 1: You will not jump to conclusions

While the compatibility Vedic astrology is revealed, and it is very important, is not enough. Why? Because you can be wildly with a man who is not a nice man. He may be a drug addict, aggressor, or have committed themselves to questions and never meet your expectations. At the same time, if you are not compatible, so nothing else matters.

The warning sign:

If you do not feel much of him if you can not talk and to understand what you say, if you do not have a foundation of friendship and mutual attraction healthy - you will not be happy, no matter how everything else works and no matter how a guy he is. If you feel like you're working too hard on your relationship, chances are you are not compatible.

Error 2: do not read the material

You have to find a man who is "material relationship". She wanted a relationship may be one and be available. The man-oriented are obvious: they are usually in relationships! They are like women. They are friends. Get together with family and people at work. You can also find out whether or not it is relationship-oriented, looking at his card Vedic.


Men who do not have a relationship-oriented are not close to his family - or are too close to their families. They complain, or you play with your friends, they do not like all the work, or spend most of their time alone. You can not change a man who has a good relationship, or emotionally healthy enough, the man he is.

Mistake3: Things That quickly

Vedic astrology can reveal when you are in a "season of love" and when you do not. And when you do not, no matter how hard you try, or you meet. You can hire the best matchmaker in the world and be on all the dating sites on the Internet and you will not find "him." Just as the flowers can not grow when the ground is frozen, but easy to do when the snow melts there is nothing you can do when conditions are good. He will find you and you find it.


It is important to wait until the time has come. They focus on having the best life possible, while to make it as attractive and ready for a big man, when the time comes. Studies show that 50% of men report that they marry as easily could have married someone from her past and was so happy, but the timing was not right.

And what part of the reason you married the woman you married is that the timing feels just right - now.

Error 4: Do not settle for less

You must have the same kind of life. One of the main reasons couples break up is when one person wants children and the other not. Or you want to stay in town and the other wants it. You must be the kind of person he is the leader and it must be the kind of person you are looking for.

The warning signal:

Do not plan on becoming a Party Animal silent game of chess players. Or a man who hates the snow, he wants to go skiing every weekend. Or a man who does not care about material things, and not too ambitious, one who wants to build an empire for you. If you want to change the person who is now first get clear about what kind of life you want and the kind of guy that you have that life. Then go look for him - and rejects all others.

Mistake5: You do not develop the skills

Often, two good people meet and are happy for a while, but then one of them begins to harm or neglect of the relationship. Even healthy, attractive and intelligent people sometimes do not know how to behave. They try to find the cause of the love life miserable, "blame the stars" for the last resolution, or lack of intimacy with their partner - which they often do not understand how to communicate, or ask what they want .


When they learn that they are crucial aspects of their relations to improve, and can return to the spark. So if you have lost a spark with the one you love, or if he used to hear a man of your dreams, but now you're not so sure, or if it is away from you and not as enthusiastic as you want, then the communication skills need an update. You have the power to improve your love life.

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Carol Allen, a Vedic astrologer and relationship coach who has spent nearly 20 years of helping women to realize romantic with men. Carol has combined his training in Eastern philosophy, contemporary research on the relationship offers a unique combination of practical, effective "real world" advice on the best "of this world," the wisdom you need to make the most of your romantic destiny.

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