Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif fight over makeup man

Actresses vying for the same place in Bollywood can never be good friends. We know that. We also know about the many times leading ladies have had power struggles when cast in the same film. In fact, Kareena Kapoor had sworn of multiple heroine films some time back. However, fighting over a makeup artist is a first even in this industry with its more than generous share of catfights.

YRF discovery Anushka Sharma and the production house's current favourite Katrina Kaif have started this new genre of catfights. In an effort to prove who the winner was in a continuing power struggle, the two heroines have now pulled in their makeup artist in the middle.

On Sunday afternoon, Katrina Kaif created quite a stir within the production house having learnt that her makeup artist was ready to fly off to London for a two-day event with Anushka Sharma. Katrina, who had to finish the patch up shoot for her YRF film Mere Brother Ki Dulhann, put her foot down. She wanted her makeup man to make her look pretty and not fly out of the country.

A source from YRF revealed, "Subhash, the makeup artist has been working with Katrina since she did Maine Pyaar Kyon Kiya and the cameo in RGV's Sarkar. Of late, Subhash has also started working with Anushka Sharma.

Since Katrina hadn't hired him full time, it is the general thing to do among makeup artists to take up other assignments. Subhash had informed Katrina about his trip to London, 15 days back. He had told her that he was supposed to leave the country on the 8th of August with Anushka for a two-day event."

"However, Katrina on Sunday refused to let Subhash go for the assignment since she had some urgent patchwork shoot to finish on Monday.

Subhash informed Katrina and her manager Sandhya that he wouldn't be able to cancel his trip to London since he had already got the visa and the tickets in place. But Katrina just wouldn't let go of him. In fact, she called in the higher authorities," added the source.

Katrina approached the officials at Yash Raj Films since her shoot was for Mere Brother Ki Dulhann. She informed them that she wouldn't be able to complete the shoot of the remaining song if Anushka walks away with her makeup artist. "When Aditya Chopra learnt about it, he called up Anushka and asked her not to take the makeup artist Subhash along with her," said the source.

Having proved effectively who the bigger babe of B-town was, Katrina might have breathed easy. But the makeup artist did not.

The patch work shoot that led to the fight eventually got cancelled. And poor man Subhash lost his London assignment as well. "Anushka was very upset about having to go to London without a makeup man," said the source.

Explaining the Katrina-Anushka rivalry, another source said, "Anushka Sharma has been a YRF discovery. And Katrina is the hot favourite in the camp right now.

Apart from Mere Brother, she is also doing Yash Chopra's directorial next with Shah Rukh Khan. It is clearly a war for supremacy within the biggest production house of Bollywood." Katrina's make up man Subhash remained unavailable for comments.

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