Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jennifer Lopez: "Marc Anthony Split Almost Destroyed" Idol "Back

Jennifer Lopez confesses her split with Marc Anthony almost wrecked on his return to American Idol as a judge for a second season.

The "I love you" the singer said she became overwhelmed with a plethora of things on "Idol" finals. It was virtually absent from the scene to back in the mix was probably difficult.

"I had a little 'tired at the end of everything that happens in my lifetime," says J-Lo to People, told CNN the report of March Anthony split.

This explanation is logical, as opposed to Internet gossip that Jennifer Lopez was taken to "diva" American Idol requirements for a higher salary.

At this point, someone who has been absent from the scene so that anything can have difficulty getting the legs of the earth.

After all, trying to balance the life of the mother of his wife, and the judge "Idol" is often full of headaches. At some point, difficult decisions are made, even if it ends with marriage.

It is unclear if Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony split is carved in stone. The good news is that J-Lo is happy to return to work as a judge. She is eager to have a blast with Ryan Seacrest, Randy Jackson, and none other than Steven Tyler.

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