Saturday, August 13, 2011

Karan Johar to interview Paris Hilton?

Paris will be coming to India next month, and might feature on KJo’s TV show

Hollywood hottie Paris Hilton is reportedly coming to Mumbai shortly. Her plans are a closely guarded secret, but we’ve learnt that the American hotel heiress will be interviewed by Karan Johar for his TV show. 

We hear KJo will be grilling the 30-year-old when she comes to India next month. Apparently, she wanted to be interviewed by someone of a certain standing, and her agents did their homework and zeroed in on Karan’s “Koffee With Karan” as the biggest celebrity show. A few calls were made and Karan was contacted. KJo agreed to interview her, but the fourth season of his show has already been wrapped up. 

However, since she was keen, he asked the channel if they’d be interested in shooting a special show with the socialite. Given her international celebrity status, they jumped at the opportunity. With Paris’ rise to notoriety starting with a leaked sex tape and going on to many more exploits, including a jail term, Karan will probably have enough to ask too!

Source: Times of India

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