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Nokia Xpress Music and Dual SIM Mobile Price 2011, Nokia Mid Range and Entry Level Mobile Price 2011

Nokia Mobile Price 2011
Nokia Xpress Music Mobile Price List:

Nokia 5530 XpressMusic mobile Price – Rs.16,50/-
Nokia 5030 XpressRadio mobile Price – Rs.1,650/-
Nokia 5130 XpressMusic mobile Price – Rs.4,900/-
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic mobile Price – Rs.13,500/-

Nokia Dual SIM Mobile Price List:

Nokia C1-00 mobile price – Rs.1,799/-
Nokia C2 mobile price – Rs.2,700/-

Nokia Mid Range Mobile Price List:

Nokia 3710 Fold mobile Price – Rs.7,000/-
Nokia 7230 mobile Price – Rs.6,000/-
Nokia 5235 mobile Price – Rs.8,800/-
Nokia 5233 mobile Price – Rs.6,500/-
Nokia 5230 mobile Price – Rs.7,500/-
Nokia 5530 mobile Price – Rs.10,500/-
Nokia 6760 Slide mobile Price – Rs.14,500/-
Nokia 6700 Slide mobile Price -- Rs.9,500/-
Nokia 7210 Supernova mobile Price – Rs.4,700/-
Nokia 7610 Supernova mobile Price – Rs.8,900/-
Nokia 6260 Slide mobile Price – Rs.17,300/-
Nokia 3610 Fold mobile Price – Rs.6,795/-
Nokia 6210 Navigator mobile Price – Rs.14,000/-
Nokia 6300 mobile Price – Rs.6,500/-

Nokia Entry Level mobile Price List:

Nokia 1662 mobile Price – Rs.1,400/-
Nokia 1661 mobile Price – Rs.1,400/-
Nokia 1203 mobile Price – Rs.1,050/-
Nokia 1202 mobile Price – Rs.1,150/-
Nokia 1209 mobile Price – Rs.1,250/-
Nokia 1208 mobile Price – Rs.1,450/-
Nokia 1650 mobile Price – Rs.1,650/-
Nokia 2626 mobile Price – Rs.1,800/-
Nokia 2690 mobile Price – Rs.2,400/-
Nokia 1800 mobile Price – Rs.1,800/-
Nokia 1280 mobile Price – Rs.1,100/-
Nokia 1616 mobile Price – Rs.1,380/-

Samsung Hero 3213 3G Mobile Price, Wallpapers, 3G Phone with Video Calling

The Samsung Hero E3213 3G phone is priced Rs. 3,500 approx in India

The Samsung Hero 3213 is a 3G Phone available in India at affordable price. The Samsung Hero E3213 3G phone supports Video Telephony, Multimedia features and high speed internet through HSPDA 3.6Mbps data..
Samsung Hero 3213 sports a 2 inch QVGA TFT display with 128×160 pixels screen resolution, a primary VGA camera, a seoncdary camera for video calling, video recording, FM Radio on Loudspeaker & FM Recording, and more multimedia features..
The Hero 3213 comes with 36MB internal memory and supports up to 8GB external memory. The handset is Java enabled and supports IM and Email messaging..

Imran Khan, A Character Inspired By Ali Zafar

Imran Khan, currently on honeymoon with his wife Avantika, Delhi Belly is excited over is a phenomenal success. He admits he initially they had planned for the festival circuit and did not even intend to release in India. Even later, they expected only a limited version and a niche

related stories

"The fact that it was" adult "film in any case, keep 40 percent of viewers," he notes. "But what kind of activity was surprising. It exceeded everything I've done before, and he taught me not to dumb down films to the public. They can always surprise you, and are treated with the utmost respect."

Prod him in action that would have entitled Disco Fighter with Aamir Imran join the trio, Kunal Kapoor, and Vir Das, and said: "I have not been contacted yet. But if the idea is good, I hope, I left. "

Imran is now preparing another release, Yash Raj Films' Mere Brother Ki dulhann, co-starring Katrina Kaif and Ali Zafar. He insists that the film is different from the Delhi belly as it can get "Delhi Belly was more experimental and underappreciated. Dulhann Mere Brother Ki is a Hindi film classic volume turned up. It 'a little' out of the ironic humor, which quotes Chupke Chupke films like (1975) Andaz Apna Apna and (1994). "

Rutvik nothing like Tashi. Imran says, "There is a small town, the boy of the middle class ... short hair and neat, slight stubble and uniforms of the average 20 to 30 age groups -. Jeans, checkered shirt canvas shoes and more young people will look and say "That's me!" "

But he admits he has little in common with Rutvik. His character is more like writer-director, Zafar Ali Abbas. "Ali, who is Dehradun, has put a lot of himself in the character. I realized early on that Rutvik to understand, I understand Ali. He was an excellent model, "Imran laughed.

Talk to Khan

Imran, who is a beginning of Aamir, Salman and Shah Rukh in the song title says about them:

* Aamir: 'mamu' (uncle) is a perfectionist, even if the lip sync the song. When someone like Aamir is singing a song you really believe him. I took a lot to look like his lips are moving.

When singing on screen, it was just perfect. Vi Ghulam (1998) when I was about 14 years. I do not remember much of the movie, Aati kya Khandala but I remember ... "I keep hearing!

* Shah Rukh: He inspires me life and energy he brings to his work. Apart from Shah Rukh fact, he gives his 100 percent, leaving crackling with power!

I saw Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (1995) in a trial. I was one and then went with my mother and "Mamu". Adi (producer Aditya Chopra) was also there. The first half was created in Europe and I was seduced. I remember saying, "This is the first Hindi film I saw fresh." It still is.

* Salman: He is the classic model of how to be a star. He has been through ups and downs, both in his career, but his fans love him unconditionally. "Bhai ka hai PADEG dekhni film" (Salman's film, see below), you hear all the time. No actor can boast a loyal fan base!

I looked Dabangg 50-seat theater, with Salman Bhai Ketnav, his family and friends. Every time he came on screen, everyone would clap and whistle. It is not something that happens in a show trial. Dabangg but there was no movie. I knew the first time I saw him, it would be a blockbuster. It 'been!

Indie Music Strikes Bollywood

For a brief time in 90 years, Bollywood has collaborated with artists like Lucky Ali, Silk Road and colonial cousins, but the enthusiasm faded as quickly as it began. The shortage of new talent, and does not help either.

Off late, however, the indie scene has been able to

carve out a niche for itself,

and seems to be willing to give the film industry, once again with a new enthusiasm. You could say that the alarm was Anurag Kashyap of Black Friday (2004), whose soundtrack was composed by folk-rock band Indian Ocean.

This year, films such as Satan and 404: Have not found error dabbled with indie artists like Suman Sridhar, Imaad Shah, the Society of pulp and metal shop Bhayanak Maut for their music. And the coming months exacerbate this trend. Ramgopal Varma is not a love story, due for release in August, will see the singer Arijit Datta Airport sing the song Pal '... ". Then there Ghosh Neeraj BO, a remake of the all gone Pete Tong, which features music composed entirely by Midival Punditz colloboration in fusion with the artist Karsh Kale. "It's a good time to independent music scene in India, and finally everyone has set up with her - including Bollywood," says Tapan Raj Midival Punditz.

And perhaps the greatest year of cooperation with Karoge Mujhse Fraaandship Yash Raj banner that people can see the artist in turn, Raghu Dixit of Bollywood music director for the first time. Ask the reason for this sudden large-scale indie-mainstream crossover, and Raghu says: "It is because Bollywood is changing, thematically. It has become real, and these films require a new sound card, because there are a lot of cool filmmakers and producers who have brought a whole new vision to the fore. "

Agnee Rock Band, which make up the soundtrack of the movie Aalaap (slated for September) does not want to miss. "The public's taste has changed a lot," says the singer Mohan Strain. "Ten years ago, as the soundtrack to the Dev D would not work. But today, because the listeners are experimental," he adds.

But every coin has two sides. Are there any creative limits by soundtrack of a film rather than making a personal project? Mohan said: "If you had asked this question a few months ago, I told you categorically that compose music for a film is the worst that can happen to a musician takes time to get used to the new configuration. but things are now different and better. "

With reference to any reason for any dispute, Tapan quips in, "There are many people involved in a film - the sound is just one facet of the whole production so it should be in sync with the film is a painter a picture .. can not change the face, right? "

Preity Zinta Turns Designer

This is a string of firsts for Preity Zinta who is the designer of the co-creators of a signature black dress for the production of young girl in Paris Ishq, directed by Prem Soni.

The dress is like the classic Audrey Hepburn film Breakfast at Tiffany's iconic look. A source close to Preity says, "His film, which is based on the Parisian fashion industry, will see his sport the best of international fashion, local designers, and all over the world. While all his other clothes are designed by Surily Goel, Preity wants to sport a suit Particular brand, which is planning a Surily. Depending on the answer to his suit, you may decide to come out with his own signature collection, after his film. "

Preity plays a very important role in the film and is also experimenting with her appearance. "PZ will look completely different. The dress is slim, elegant and refined look with a hat, jewelry and shoes for Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany ".

Preity, meanwhile, said: "It is too early to decide on the dress I designed, but yes, I am pleased to be working on Ishq held in Paris The appearance is similar to something you see. the ruinways in Paris and Milan, and is the signature gown, I sports in the film. "When asked about starting a fashion line, she confirmed:" Yes, I think to launch a fashion line. Hopefully it will get better soon. "

Director Prem Soni says, "Preity is a Parisian elegance in the film and its appearance is classic, but very complete."

The actor started his own production banner this year. Ishq is a romcom in Paris and the French players with Indian stars.

Mother Bipasha Makes Debut Flight

Bipasha Basu is the mother seems to take after her daughter so the modeling is concerned!

Beautiful mother of the actress made her debut with the ramp of her beloved daughter to a brand of jewelry that Bipasha adopts an exhibition of jewelry.

It is the first time that Bipasha's mother was seen doing the catwalk and it was something noble.

A pleasure Bipasha revealed, "I walked the ramp with my mother for the first time for Gitanjali in collaboration with Beti, against female feticide."

Winning the support she has taken the initiative to bring awareness to the cause, Bipasha said: ". In our country, the strength of a girl is underestimated, I come from a family of three sisters, all three of us were given all kinds of opportunities and encouragement of our parents! "

So how does a super model turned actress mother interest to walk the ramp, we wonder. "It 'the first time was so confident, I was very nervous, though," said Bipasha.

The Love Story Of Tomatoes And Lead The Global Payment Bollywood

It took more than 16 tons of tomatoes to make coming-of-age film, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, as part of the latest international cinema hit in Bollywood. Feel Good road movie follows the huge success, both inside and outside India, have been taken as evidence that the film is ready for a global launch.

Zindagi Na Milega Dobara (will not resume my life again) follows three young friends on a journey through Spain vocal. The film has recorded more than $ 3.8 million at the international level, the best figures for an Indian publication this year. He also led the charge in a record summer at box office.

Tomatoes were used by the film's director Zoya Akhtar to recreate the chaos of La Tomatina festival in the small town of Valencia Buñol. This attention to detail is another sign of growing confidence that Bollywood could come to a serious challenge to Hollywood for the collection of world cinema.

Headquartered in London, Kishore Lulla, chief executive of Eros International Film Company, said that with the economic growth of India's film industry will grow exponentially over the next ten years. "Once this happens, the marriage between Hollywood and Bollywood will take place," he said in a recent interview. "Bollywood will be of a size that is important for the world."

Eros, which bought and sold Zindagi Na Milega Dobara, has seen its share price rises of over 10% in the last month alone. Created by the father of Lulla in Mumbai in 1977, the company's initial objective was the distribution of Bollywood films abroad. Things began to change after Lulla moved to London and took over a decade later. Eros now has an annual turnover of 75 films as producer, co-producer or the buyer, and a net profit last year of $ 55m on a turnover of 164 million dollars.

"Eros is a very small, but today we are the largest vertically integrated company in India," said Kamal Jain, chief financial officer of Mumbai. "We are the largest film library in 1100 the film, we dub the films into 27 languages ​​and distributes them in 50 countries, and are present in every segment in the production of TV rights to new media."

India produces about 1,100 films a year in various languages, with a major Bollywood film production center in Hindi. KPMG Management Consulting sees huge growth potential in industry media and entertainment over the next five years, from the current $ 17 billion per year to an estimated $ 29 billion in 2015. The heads of Bollywood seem convinced Lulla $ 100 million in 10 years is possible.

Their optimism is based on demographics. Over 350 million Indians are now classified as middle class, most of them young people much more money to spend than their parents had. There is a diaspora of 50 million South Asians, with a fortune estimated at $ 1 trillion and a passion for cinema.

Bollywood is changing as India rises to come. "The film industry has become more professional over the last decade, when the government makes available bank financing," said Thakkar Jehil KPMG. "Professionalism is always a challenge, but companies like Eros have brought a new dynamism."

Disadvantages of the old Indian creative industries have begun to retreat. The producers are no longer dependent shady financiers, many of which are underground. Professionally managed film companies have brought American-style practices study.

Although the number of screens is still very low for a country the size of India, in the shiny new mall multiplexes to charge high ticket prices are attracting wealthy audience. And the diversification of removing the old life and the dependence of death on the box office. "Even before a movie is released it does 60% of their income," said Jain. "The court is the name of the game pre-sales of music, satellite television rights, the rights of radio, new media, such as mobile phone ringtones -. Who sees great growth -. rights of in-flight entertainment, and so on to make matters worse, our huge library accounts for 20% of our turnover, with financial stability. "

But even if Bollywood films are better made and better marketed today, still sings an old tune. As Lulla said, "all Indian films are love stories - the Indians are very emotional as Hollywood in the 30s, is escapist cinema .."

View Zoya Akhtar, a huge impact on satellite television in India will change the public's taste, but the content of Bollywood films to limit their appeal to the international level. "In India, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara make more money from Harry Potter, which is crazy," he said. "But the non-South Asian audiences, the film would do differently, I want to change the form of language."

Saif, Deepika Visible KBC Season 5

Bollywood actors Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone will appear as special guests on the fifth season of the game show "Kaun Banega Crorepati", which begins Aug. 15 with megastar Amitabh Bachchan as host.

"One of the interesting candidate, and the whole operation of anxiety Show only fly .. we had a couple today, and tomorrow is another day .. hope all is well .. second episode per night calls Saif and Deepika .. that will promote their films, and I and - 'Aarakshan' "Amitabh Posted blog.

"In many ways, the philosophy of film, and KBC is quite similar. Given the opportunity, even the less privileged must prosper. Or at least have the ability to prosper, "he writes.

But the Mumbai rains played spoilsport as the production had to drop out of filming the show several times because of the noise of the rain.

"The relentless rain was so hard .. and we had to stop firing KBC sometimes the noise factor. But in general the most satisfactory one day ... rough and difficult, but satisfying," said Amitabh.

Saif had already appeared with actress Preity Zinta in the second season of the series, while Deepika has come as a guest last year even though it does not.

Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan Wallpaper

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Jacqueline Fernandez, Murder-2 Actress | Hot Wallpapers

Jacqueline Fernandez, Murder-2 Actress

Jacqueline Fernandez is a Sri Lankan actress and model, currently working in Bollywood films. She is a former beauty queen who won the Miss Sri Lanka Universe in 2006. She has received an International Indian Film Academy Award and Stardust Award for Best Female Debut in 2010, for her role in the Indian film Aladin.

Born in Colombo, Western Province Fernandez comes from a Sinhalese family in Sri Lanka. At the age of three her family moved to Bahrain. In Bahrain, she studied at the The Sacred Heart School. While schooling she participated in many co-curricular activities including ballet, drama and athletics. After graduating from the Murrey University in Melbourne, Australia with a degree for mass media studies, she chose modelling as her profession, providing her service to a number of fashion designers in Australia, Singapore, Dubai and Sri Lanka.

In March 2006, Fernandez was crowned the Miss Sri Lanka for Miss Universe 2006. She also competed in Miss Universe 2006.
After competing at Miss Universe, she worked as an anchor on Lanka Business Report and wrote a weekly column for The Daily Mirror while modeling in India.
Fernandez made her acting debut in the 2009 Bollywood fantasy movie Aladin directed by Sujoy Gosh alongside Amitabh BachchanSanjay Dutt, and Ritesh Deshmukh. She played the character of Jasmine, the new girl in college who has come from America.

2010 saw her once again appearing alongside Ritesh Deshmukh again in the romantic comedy Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai. She also had a cameo appearance in Sajid Khan's Housefull in a song called 'Apni tho Jaise Theise' which was a big success. The film starred Akshay Kumar in the lead role while Deepika PadukoneLara DuttaJiah KhanRitesh Deshmukh and Arjun Rampal featured in supporting roles. Fernandez's third film Murder 2 was released in July 2011; while Housefull 2 is set to release in 2012.

50 Secrets of Successful People

There are only 5% successful people in the world. This means that only one person in Twenty really achieves success in life. This is a result of a recent research. Highly successful people are not born that way. They develop certain characteristics and traits which help them to achieve growth and success in life. The growth is slow and steady but these people are not afraid of failure or defeat. They just want to pursue their dreams and attain a position and status in the society. It is not difficult to follow these principles. By following these you will not only be a successful person but also a good human being.
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5 Best Free Ways to Trace an IP Address and Find its Actual Location

An IP Address (Internet Protocol Address) is a unique address assigned to each computer connected with internet. An IP Address is just a series of numbers separated by dots and can be from to Currently we are following IP Version 4 while Version 6 has been standardized. Here are many online tools to find or trace location of any IP Address using online tools, but online tools do not tell us the physical address (i.e. apartment number,street number etc). Online IP Tracers online tell us the ISP name, City Name etc.

Here are some useful websites using which you can know your own IP Address and if you have the IP address of other then you can find his location also.

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