Sunday, December 27, 2009

Katrina Kaif's Xmas in London

Christmas is round the corner and New Year is not far. It’s the time of the year that Katrina Kaif looks forward to with bated breath. For it’s during Xmas and New Year’s Eve that she bonds with her siblings in London.

It’s reunion time for the Kaifs, and Katrina, despite still being in pain from her recent surgery, has left for London, we hear.

Kat is particularly excited about playing with her sister’s little kid.

“I just want to be with my sister’s little boy, take him to the toy stores in London and buy him everything he wants,” she is quoted as saying by a tabloid.

Katrina isn’t also very worried about her health for there is a doctor friend in London who will look after her. Moreover, the stunner believes that being close to the people she loves will help her heal faster.

However, Katrina won’t be able to be with Salman Khan on his coming birthday on December 27. That should hardly make a difference because Salman is known to celebrate his B-day and New Year with his brothers and family

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Why is Katrina Kaif different from others?

What is the one factor that differentiates Katrina Kaif from the rest of the brigade? Well if we go according to insiders, then it is the fact that the actress can carry off any outfit with as much panache as no one has ever done so before in bollywood.

Even though if there were a size zero grouping to be done Katrina would never have made it to the top ten names, but yet when it comes to fashion garments line to be adorned by celebrites then the first one to come to mind is just the young lady named Katrina Kaif.

Recent inputs from across the country were taken on a random basis where certain common people on the streets were asked who according to them looked best in short dresses and amazingly each one had the name of this cute actress first on their lips. Now, with so much of acceptance and unconditional support this young damsel has the most wonderful road to success in her chosen profession.

Yet, there have been a few days of lows for this lucky girl too. As she was under complete bed rest for the past few weeks due to her operation, she was not seen much. But according to reports she is feeling considerably better and so now she will be spending her New Year in London with her family.

Well, we do wish her a very quick recovery and a happy New Year too.

katrina kaif hot wallpapers de dana dan movie with akshay kumar

katrina kaif hot wallpapers de dana dan movie with akshay kumar

katrina kaif de dana dan wallpaper

katrina kaif hot wallpapers de dana dan movie with akshay kumar



Nitin Bankar (Akshay Kumar) is a personal butler, cook, driver, watchman, gardener to a wealthy female industrialist (Archana Puran Singh) in Singapore. Like any young man, Nitin too, dreams of a better life, but misfortune is his constant companion and his reality is his job under Archana. He desperately wants to become rich and marry the love of his life, Anjali Kakkad (Katrina Kaif), who supports him financially.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Katrina Kaif discharged from hospital after surgery

Katrina Kaif, who was admitted to the Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai early this week and underwent a surgery, has now been discharged.

What the young Bollywood star is suffering from is not yet known. The actress had been advised complete bed rest earlier as she was unwell a month ago but yet she was seen making intermittent public appearances at a wedding and the Triumph lingerie show in the past fortnight.

The gorgeous actresses, who has had a string of successful films at the box office this year including New York, Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani and De Dana Dan, will surely want to get back at her fittest best at the earliest. We at Oneindia wish her speedy recovery.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Katrina Kaif refuses to part with her favourite car

Mumbai: Katrina Kaif is refusing to part with her favourite car even though top mechanics of the city have asked her to let go of her damaged vehicle by either selling it off or giving it for full body repair. The mechanics have also told her that by riding in the same car she is risking her life. But all this has fallen on deaf ears because Katrina says she is very sentimental to let this car go because it is "one of her first big cars".
A close friend of Katrina reveals: "Katrina is one sentimental girl. Very few know that Katrina is very possessive of her things. She likes to keep all the things that she uses no matter how old they become or how bad their condition gets. Be it her old wardrobe, music CDs, books and knick-knacks.Katrina always loves to hoard her belongings."
The informer adds: "The Audi was one of her first cars and in spite of it being damaged recently, she does not wish to let go of it. The car was badly damaged by some fans of the actress while she was promoting her film. Her fans had damaged the glass and side doors of Katrina's car and though she has the option of buying another, she refuses to."
Katrina Kaif favourite car

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Katrina Kaif needs home

katrina kaif see throughKatrina Kaif, who is currently staying at Waterfield Road in Bandra, is desperately looking for another house because of the lax security in her building.

Katrina was more than happy living alone in the house, which she had bought four years ago with her hard-earned money. But of late, she is scared because of the increase in the number of intruders barging into her house.

Katrina confirmed the news and said, “I don’t feel safe any more. I’m a free-spirited working girl and pretty confident about making my way through the concrete jungle. But when strangers reach your door, it’s time to worry because there’s just me and my faithful maid in the house.”

Now the actress wants to urgently move into a place with better security but it is no cakewalk considering her celebrity status. “I’ve looked at a number of places. But the minute they know it’s someone famous, they hike the price. I need to move into a place where I feel safer living alone. No matter what it costs,” said the actress.

She even got herself an additional maid with the intention of beefing up security, but even that didn’t work. “The new maid couldn’t get along with the first maid, so I had to ask her to leave,” added Katrina.

The actress is now looking forward to putting an end to her solitary residency once her sister Isabel joins her in Mumbai to pursue a career in Bollywood. Katrina said, “But that is still some way off. Isabel is still learning acting at the Lee Strasberg Institute. She wants to do Broadway before doing Bollywood. Once she comes to Mumbai, I’ll be fine. Just the two of us in the house together will be fun. I don’t mind living alone except for security reasons.”

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Aamir Khan gets close to Katrina Kaif

Bollywood's sensation Katrina Kaif has acted with almost all the top actors in the industry and has many hit films under her belt but she hasn't got the opportunity to rub shoulders with Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan.
Finally, Katrina has got the chance to get so close to the elusive Aamir. They are on the cover of Cineblitz Gold Love and Longing in the Hindi Cinema, a coffee table book that pays tribute to the Hindi film industry. They have tried to re-create the iconic poster of Guru Dutt and Waheeda Rehman in Pyaasa.

The duo look stunning together. Let's hope Aamir romances Salman Khan's ladylove Katrina in films too

Monday, November 30, 2009

Rajneeti has no resemblance to real life politicians

katrina kaif in Rajneeti
Director Prakash Jha has completed shooting for Rajneeti and clarifies that the characters in the political drama are not inspired by any real life politician.

Katrina Kaif in Rajneeti"There is no resemblance to any living or dead politician. In characters, actions and incidents, you may find some shades here and there, but it is not based on any politician," Jha told reporters here Thursday.

"I have completed shooting for Rajneeti and it is in its post production stage," he added.

Starring Ajay Devgn, Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Nana Patekar, Naseeruddin Shah, Arjun Rampal and Manoj Bajpayee, the film was entirely shot in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

Jha is planning to release it May 28 next year. Before that he will have premieres across the globe to raise funds for his NGO Anubhooti, established in 1991. It will help in building a hospital in his home state Bihar.

"All my artists are committed to attending the premieres that will help in raising funds to set up the hospital in Bihar," said Jha, who plans to provide efficient medical service at minimum cost to people in his state.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Katrina Kaif Dons Sexy Saree in 'De Dana Dan'

Look out all leading ladies in B-town! Katrina Kaif has dumped her jeans and tee look for a more sexy style in her new movie "De Dana Dan." The Bollywood beauty is definitely making a bold statement in the Priyadarshan directed comedy where she plays alongside Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty and Sameera Reddy. We are so used to seeing Katz wearing jeans and a tee that it is almost surprising to see her dancing in a sexy saree in the rain!

While is it safe to say that the cute actress definitely delivers in this new look, it must be even more surprising for Katrina’s boyfriend and B-town bad boy Salman Khan to see his leading lady taking the initiative to take her clothes off! He recently said in an interview that he likes his girl to be covered "from top to bottom." Well we guess Katrina thought differently when accepting the role next to Akshay in "De Dana Dan!"

"I am excited. It is for the first time that I have managed to match up to Akshay’s energy level. It is the typical wet song that every Bollywood heroine does at some point in her career," the B-town babe revealed.

Whether this new, sexy look is part of a long term makeover or just a moment in Katz’s acting career, we think she pulls it off with style!

Check out the pic of Katrina Kaif in her new movie "De Dana Dan" with Akshay Kumar and tell us what you think; should the actress stick to jeans and tee or does she look just as good in a sexy saree? Share your thoughts.

Katrina Kaif and Akshay Kumar

Blue Katrina Kaif pictures

Katrina kaif has signed up to act in the Blue film. She has been paid Rs. 1.5 crores for doing this service to audience.

Katrina Kaif is acting in the Blue film officially. The name of the Bollywood film is "BLUE" and it is not a typical underground blue film like you would imagine. Hot and sexy Katrina Kaif isthe Bollywood heroine who is doing an item song for the film titled Blue.

Katrina Kaif's hot pictures dressed in blue are shown below for your visual pleasure.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Katrina Kaif, the next Miami girl

Katrina Kaif replaces Priyanka Chopra in Tarun Mansukhani's 'Dostana' sequel starring Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham.

Katrina Kaif replaces Priyanka Chopra in Tarun Mansukhani's 'Dostana' sequel starring Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham. Photo Credit: Sawf News

November 19, 2009, (Sawf News) - Katrina Kaif replaces Priyanka Chopra in Tarun Mansukhani's Dostana sequel starring Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham, reports Filmfare.

Dostana 2 will be Katrina's second film with Karan Johar's Dharma Productions, and with co-star John Abraham, after the 2009 release of New York.

Priyanka Chopra and Bobby Deol were shown ending up as a happy couple in Dostana so the gay duo, John and Abhishek, move on to a new girl. The film will additionally star Ritesh Deshmukh and Shreyas Talpade.

The Dostana team celebrated the film's anniversary on November 13. They congratulated each other over Twitter with Tarun tweeting:

Here's to dostana and looking forward to rocking it again... Dostana 2.. Here we come!!

Filming for the sequel will begin in April 2010.

In the meanwhile Katrina Kaif's look-alike Barbie doll has arrived in India attired in a similar pink dress that Kaif wore on ramp during the Lakme Fashion Week celebrating 50th birthday of Barbie. A product of Mattel Toys, the Katrina Barbie is not for sale.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

'Singh Is Kinng 2' announced, Katrina Kaif stays

November 14, 2009, (Sawf News) - Most Bollywood sequels are good news for male leads and disappointment for their female counterparts who tend to get dropped. Katrina Kaif inclusion in the Singh Is Kinng 2 is not a hard to fathom exception.

When Race 2 was announced retaining the male cast minus Bipasha Basu, she said she wasn't crying over it because "In Bollywood the heroines are never signed for sequels. It's a tradition. Just check the sequels. The guys get repeated. The girls don't. It's a man's world." Maybe Bipasha needs to shed the tears that she has been holding back for so long.

Akshay Kumar considers Katrina his lucky mascot and his pal Vipul Shah sees no reason to not repeat her in the sequel.

"It is true. We have written the script keeping Akshay and Katrina in mind. Singh Is Kinng cannot be made without both the actors. I think even the audience wants to see the two of them together again," Vipul told TOI.

The film is going to be made with an even larger budget this time, but no such claims are being made about the script that was in the realm of the ridiculous in the original.

Filming is scheduled to begin in mid 2010.

Katrina Kaif's career graph continues its northward journey, with the star earning respect from her colleagues as well as the directors. She is currently filming for Prakash Jha's Rajneeti with co-star Ranbir Kapoor. The film is replete with chaste Hindi dialogs that are sure to challenge the actor's easily strained lingual skills. Last week it was reported that Katrina offered to pay her director her one day's fee, Rs 15 lakh, because she needed an extra day to prepare those tough lengthy dialogs. Jha refused the money but gave her an extra day anyways that she converted into excellent dialog delivery.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Amitabh Bachchan praises Katrina Kaif ke Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani on Bigg Boss 3

The pairing of sizzling hot Katrina Kaif and suave, sexy Ranbir Kapoor in ‘Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Khani’ has not only been lapped up by the audiences in theaters but even Shehanshah of bollywood acknowledged their crackling chemistry recently on Bigg Boss 3.

Amitabh Bachchan, who hosts the season 3 of Bigg Boss, was all praise for the young stars when they visited the sets of the reality show to promote their latest release ‘Ajab Prem Ki Ghzab Kahani’.

Big B was especially impressed by the rocking progress of Katrina Kaif from a non- entity in her first flick ‘Boom’(which bombed at the box office despite of the presence of Amitabh Bachchan in it) to one of the top heroines of tinsel town in such a short span of time.

Amitabh Bachchan recalled the fact that at the time of their first film together (Boom), Katrina Kaif could not speak Hindi, and even then had continued her struggle in bollywood to get a foothold. Her efforts bore fruit and now she has become the most desired bollywood babe for renowned producers and directors.

Katrina Kaif’s latest released flick ‘Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani’ has already been making waves at the box office. On Sunday, theatres were full with ticket seekers, who had hard time in getting to watch Katrina Kaif-Ranbir Kapoor starrer flick.

Sources from the trade say that Ranbir Kapoor-Katrina Kaif starrer flick ‘Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani’ has seen a terrific opening and can be compared favorably to Saif Ali Khan-Deepika Padukone starrer hit ‘Love Aaj Kal’.

While the fantastic response to ‘Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani’ at the box office has brightened the prospects of other bollywood biggies ready for release, it certainly badly affected the prospects of Madhur Bhandarkar’s flick ‘Jail’.

In fact, Jail’ got a dismal opening even on its first day. This was so despite of the fact that Madhur Bhandarkar is big name in bollywood with formidable hits like ‘Chandni Bar’, ‘Page 3’, ‘Corporate’ and ‘Fashion’ behind him.

Trade sources say that the ‘feel good’ factor associated with Ranbir Kapoor-Katrina Kaif flick did wonder for it at the box office as it was a humorous, romantic flick, with which youth could relate themselves. On the other hand, ‘Jail’, despite of having one of the best directors, failed to entice the audiences towards theaters due to its depressing subject.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

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Monday, November 2, 2009

बॉलीवुड स्टार कैफ तकेस सुच्सस इन हेर स्त्रिदे

मुंबई — कैटरिना कैफ इस ओने ऑफ़ बॉलीवुड'स लीडिंग अच्त्रेस्सेस -- थे मोस्ट सीर्चेद-फॉर इंडियन फेमाले फ़िल्म स्टार ओं थे इन्टरनेट एंड अ फोर्मेर टॉप मॉडल विथ अन अ-लिस्ट बोय्फ़्रिएन्द.

बुत थे २५-इयर-ओल्ड, व्होसे लेटेस्ट फ़िल्म "अजब प्रेम की ग़ज़ब कहानी" ("अन अमज़िंग स्टोरी ऑफ़ सतरंगे लव") इस रेलेअसेद ओं नवम्बर ६, सैद हेर रिसे तो फमे हस नोट बीन एअस्य एंड शे इस देतेर्मिनेद सुच्सस विल नोट गो तो हेर हेड.

"आईटी दिदं'टी हप्पें ओवेर्निघ्त. इ वास हियर स्त्रुग्ग्लिंग तो मके आईटी अस अ मॉडल एंड त्रिएद माय लुक्क इन एक्टिंग," शे सैद.

"इ दिदं'टी क्नोव इन थे फर्स्ट प्लेस व्हेठेर इ वांटेड तो बे इन एक्टिंग बुत थें गुड रोल्स स्तार्तेद किंग एंड माय फिल्म्स स्तार्तेद बेकोमिंग अ हित. एंड हियर इ ऍम."

कैफ, बोर्न इन होन्ग कोंग तो अ ब्रिटिश मदर एंड अ फाठेर ऑफ़ इंडियन कश्मीरी ओरिगिन, मदे अ फल्तेरिंग स्टार्ट इन थे २००३ फ़िल्म "बूम" आफ्टर बीइंग स्पोत्तेद इन अ कॉमर्शियल.

शे हस सिंस नोत्चेद उप रोल्स इन हाई-प्रोफाइल फिल्म्स लिखे थे रेसेंट ब्लॉकबस्टर "ब्लू", थे २००८ एक्शन कॉमेडी "सिंह इस किनंग" एंड थे रोमांटिक कॉमेडी "नमस्ते लन्दन" इन २००७.

थे ऐक्ट्रेस इन पार्ट अत्त्रिबुतेस हेर रिसे तो ऐक्टर सलमान खान, विथ व्होम शे स्तार्रेड इन थे २००५ हित कॉमेडी "मैंने प्यार क्यों किया" (वही दीद इ फाल इन लव?) एंड नो दतेस, अल्थौघ शे रेफुसेस तो टॉक अबाउट हेर प्राइवेट लाइफ.

"हे वास तेरे तो गाइड में इन थे इंडस्ट्री व्हेन इ वास न्यू ओवर हियर एंड विल अल्वाय्स बे स्पेशल तो में," शे सैद.

कैफ सैद शे वास अल्वाय्स कांफिदेंत ऑफ़ सुच्सस, देस्पिते सेत्बक्क्स.

"इ हवे फसद अ लोट ऑफ़ रेजेक्तिओन्स एंड पीपुल अल्वाय्स कामे उप विथ ओने और थे ओथेर एक्स्कुसे तो रिजेक्ट में ओं फ्लिम्स्य ग्रौंड्स, बुत इ कपट गोइंग बेकाउसे इ अल्वाय्स क्नेव सोमोने वुड अप्प्रोवे में," शे अद्देद.

थिस इयर'स "न्यू यार्क", अबाउट अ ग्रुप ऑफ़ फ़्रिएन्द्स इन थे सिटी ओं थे डे ऑफ़ थे सितम्बर ११, २००१ अत्ताक्क्स, वास अ क्रिटिकल एंड बॉक्स ऑफिस सुच्सस -- एंड थे मोमेंट कैफ सैद शे फेल्ट शे हद मदे आईटी इन इंडिया.

कैफ, ब्रौघत उप इन फ्रांस, हवाई एंड लन्दन एंड ओने ऑफ़ सेवेन सिस्टर्स, सैद फॅमिली वलुएस हद हेल्पेद हेर कीप अ पेर्स्पेक्टिवे इन अ कुन्ट्री ठाट रेवेरेस बॉलीवुड स्टार्स लिखे गोड्स.

"इ हद अ वैरी फ्रूगल उप्ब्रिन्गिंग. माय मदर वास इन्तो चैरिटी इन्स्तितुतिओन्स एंड तो डेट, शे इस इन्वोल्वेद इन चैरिटी वर्क, सो इ क्नोव वहत हर्द्शिप मेंस," शे एक्स्प्लैनेद.

"इ नेवर हद पोच्केट मनी एंड दिदं'टी हवे एक्सेस तो मतेरिअल थिंग्स."

हेर मदर नो लिवेस इन थे सौठेर्ण इंडियन सिटी ऑफ़ चेन्नई एंड वोर्क्स विथ ओर्फंस.

"लोटस ऑफ़ पीपुल फील ठाट व्तेवर इ हवे एअर्नेद इस बेकाउसे ऑफ़ थे गूद्नेस ऑफ़ हेर वर्क," शे सैद.

कैफ, व्हो टूक हिन्दी एंड डांसिंग लेस्सोंस तो हेल्प हेर एक्टिंग करियर, सय्स सैद शे नेवर वांटेड तो बे अ स्टार.

अस अ स्किन्न्य तीनागेर, शे सैद बोयस वुड नोट गिवे हेर अ सेकंड ग्लांस -- थौघ नो हेर इन्नोसेंट ब्यूटी हस ब्रौघत वर्ल्डवाइड फमे अमोंग बॉलीवुड फंस.

"अस अ गर्ल इ वास फस्सिनातेद अबाउट कोल्लेक्टिंग मार्बल्स एंड माय तवो एल्डर सिस्टर्स उसेद तो मके में वश दिशेस इन एक्सचेंज फॉर गिविंग में मार्बल्स, व्हिच उसेद तो बे थे मोस्ट प्रेकिऔस पोस्सेस्सिओन्स तो में," शे सैद.

"इ नेवर क्नेव ठाट थे मार्बल्स वेरे वैरी चे़प एंड माय सिस्टर्स वेरे फूलिंग विथ में तो दो ठिर वर्क."

देस्पिते नो बीइंग ओने ऑफ़ बॉलीवुड'स बिग्गेस्त एअर्नेर्स -- अत अ रेपोर्तेद ३० मिलियन रुपीस (६४०,००० दोल्लार्स) पैर फ़िल्म -- कैफ सैद शे इस उन्चंगेद बी फमे.

"इ ऍम स्टील थे समे परसों. इ ऍम नोट अ ग्लामोरोउस परसों इन रियल लाइफ. इ दोन'टी बुरी हन्द्बग्स लिखे लोटस ऑफ़ ओथेर वूमेन दो," शे सैद.

"इ दोन'टी स्पेंड ओं शोएस, तू, एंड यू विल अल्वाय्स फिंद में इन कासुअल ड्रेस इफ इ ऍम नोट इन अ फ़िल्म कोस्तुमे.

"इ दोन'टी वांट तो लुक ग्लामोरोउस व्हेन इ ऍम ऑफ़ स्क्रीन एंड इ वांट तो बे अस रियल अस इ कैन."

अस फॉर क्रितिसिस्म इन थे कट-थ्रो़त वर्ल्ड ऑफ़ बॉलीवुड, वेयर स्टाइल ओफ्तें तकेस प्रेसदेंस ओवर सुब्स्तांस, शे सय्स शे इस "लिखे एवेरी ओथेर गर्ल".

"इ ऍम सेंसिटिव एंड इ हवे माय वेअक्नेस्स. इफ पीपुल से, 'यू हवे नोट लिवेद उप तो एक्ष्पेक्ततिओन्स', इ गेट अपसेट," शे अद्देद.

"इ वांट तो दो गुड फिल्म्स. वेन्तुअल्ल्य इ वांट तो बे मर्रिएद एंड दो थिंग्स ठाट विल मके में हैप्पी. इ गोत थिस ओप्पोर्तुनिटी इन थे कुन्ट्री बी स्टार्टिंग विथ नोथिंग."

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Katrina Kaif keeps bumping into Shahrukh Khan

Katrina Kaif isn’t very pleased about the way media goes in overdrive to hyperbolize her encounters with Shahrukh Khan. The pretty belle frequently finds herself in the middle of B-Town gossips ever since her beau Salman Khan and SRK fought at her birthday party last year. Whenever she bumps into Shahrukh at a film event or a party, her loyalty to Salman is questioned. This has miffed Katrina, who thinks her meetings with SRK are overblown.

In just last few days alone, Katrina has faced a barrage of rumours after she bumped into SRK on two occasions - at a party by Subhash Ghai and another by Hrithik Roshan.

Not willing to be drawn in the cold war between her boyfriend and SRK, Katrina continues to be on talking terms with SRK and doesn’t miss a chance to chat with him when the opportunity presents.

“Naturally, when we’re under the same roof, we will interact. Why make a fuss? Who wouldn’t want to associate with Shah Rukh or Karan Johar?” Katrina is quoted as saying by a news network.

In fact, Katrina went on to say that she wants to work with Karan Johar in the future because he’s emerging as a producer who thinks ‘out of the box’.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Katrina Kaif Kissing scandal with Ranbir Kapoor

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Katrina Kaif Kissing scandal with Ranbir Kapoor

katrina kaif kisses

Monday, October 26, 2009

Emotional Katrina Kaif misses her father’s love

Katrina Kaif ’s father not in touch with her and she certainly misses her father’s love and affection, Katrina Kaif has six sisters – three older and three younger.She also has a brother, a professional skier and rock climber and this childrens care taken by her mother and bought up who is a Harvard graduate and successful lawyer and her parents separated when we they very young.

They were raised by her mother who did a wonderful job. Katrina Kaif’s father who was from the decent and comes from a good family and they went their own ways because of issues which are personal for the Katrina and for her family members but instead of complaining, Katrina feels grateful for all the other things she have while her father will never come back.

Katrina shares sizzling chemistry with co-stars

Pune, (ANI): Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif hails energy level of his co-star Ranbir Kapoor on the sets of their much-awaited film Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani (APKGK). After delivering some serious films, director Rajkumar Santoshi is all set to provide the audience with a breather with his upcoming romantic comedy APKGK. With a title that is too long, and quite unlike a typical Bollywood name, the forthcoming movie has already made its presence felt.
And the other thing making news is on-screen chemistry seen in promos and off-screen chemistry seen in media briefings between actor Kaif and Kapoor. The actors have been paired for the first time for this romantic comedy. Kaif while talking to reporters at a promotional event here on Friday said that they gelled well with each other because of their similar working style of keeping the energy flowing on the film set.

Kaif recalled the entertainment on the sets of the film and said that when the filmmaker is passionate then the energy level on the sets is much better. "In this film Ajab, baseball I think it was. Baseball in between every shot we have like cameraman assistants and the lighting guys and every one together playing baseball. I think I was wearing some weighing dress but still I managed to play. It's just the matter of wanting to be on the film set. If you are working with someone who wants to be there and then passionate about making films because that's what they love doing, then the energy is so much better."

The film is a romantic tale of two youngsters, Prem and Jennifer, played by Kapoor and Kaif. Shot in Ooty, Goa, Mumbai and Turkey Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani is slated to release on November 6.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Deepika Padukone & Katrina Kaif scuffle

Mumbai: The two hot babes of Bollywood are not taking up arms against each other. The recent stories of Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina affair had hit the tabloids during the shoot of Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani.

This is making Deepika insecure and she blames Katrina for the rumors. Katrina herself claimed that she shares good chemistry with the Kapoor boy and she is very’comfortable’ working with him. Katrina even went on to say they have similar visions about films.

Deepika’s association with Farhan Akhtar is also seen with a questionable eye by the media and she blames Katrina to spread such things to spoil her relation with Ranbir.

According to a source close to Kat “What can she possibly get by spreading stories about Deepika? She is not the sort of person to resort to mud-slinging. Someone is creating a misunderstanding between them.”

Monday, October 12, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Blue Katrina Kaif pictures Katrina Kaif Blue movie trailer

Katrina Kaif Blue film

Salman Khan looking for Katrina look-alike

It seems Salman Khan hasn’t had enough of his girlfriend Katrina Kaif. It is said that newcomer Zarine Khan, his co-star in Veer, has uncanny resemblance to Katrina. Now, another news is doing the rounds that he is looking for a Katrina look-alike for his new film to be produced by his sister Alvira and her husband Atul Agnihotri.

Buzz up!
It’s family time for Salman. He wants his near and dear ones to benefit from his popularity. So, he is acting in his brother Arbaaz Khan’s film. He is also going to act in a Parisian love story to be produced by his sister’s family. For this love story set in Paris to be directed by Prem Soni, Salman wants a girl who resembles his ladylove Katrina.

It may be recalled that Salman acted with Sneha Ullal in Lucky, who resembles his ex girlfriend Aishwarya Rai (now Aishwarya Bachchan).

Thursday, September 24, 2009

katrina kaif in new york

Love fizzling out between Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif?

What are the odds for Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif to stay away from each other at a party? Nil, you would think. So did we until we were proven wrong by the couple at Percept Picture Company’s party to celebrate the National Award win for the Priyadarshan-directed movie ‘Kanchivaram’ earlier this week.

At the party held on Tuesday night, Katrina and Salman arrived separately. He was first to reach the party and soon began having good time with Priyadarshan, actor Prakash Raj (who also won the National Award and also played the villain in Salman’s hit Wanted) and the Percept honchos.

Katrina arrived with fashion designer Rocky S and looked yummy in a lemony yellow top.

Of course no one expected Katrina to run into the arms of Salman for a warm embrace, but no one either expected the cold vibes they had for each other at the party. Katrina mainly chatted with friends and colleagues while Salman stuck to his group of buddies.

Salman and Katrina did come face to face a couple of times but did not strike up a conversation.

According to eyewitnesses, the two appeared to be avoiding each other deliberately and even left the party separately, which is shocking because just on Monday Katrina was playing the gracious host at Salman’s Eid party.

So what happened in just a day to turn their garam chemistry frosty? Is love fizzling out? Or is it just a minor tiff which the lovers will get over soon?

Only Sallu and Kat can tell.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wanted Katrina Kaif as desi Alice in Wonderland?

If a poll was conducted asking which Bollywood actress is most suited to play Alice in the desi version of ‘Alice In Wonderland’, we’re sure Katrina Kaif would win hands down. But director Shashanka Ghosh, who made the delightful and quirky Quick Gun Murugun, hasn’t yet finalized the leading lady of his adaptation of the famous book by Lewis Carroll.

Katrina Kaif, Sonam Kapoor and Soha Ali Khan are reported to be under consideration for the role.

Ghosh will contemporize ‘Alice In Wonderland’ into an Indian setting. Alice of the book will become Alisha in the movie. While Ghosh plans to stay loyal to the book in his adaptation, he would add another character of a school teacher (modeled on the book’s author) in the movie.

The director hasn’t yet finalized the leading actress but he wants someone who is “sexy” and has “childlike bewilderment”.

The movie will have lots of special effects and Ghosh wants to make it at a par with international fantasy flicks like ‘Harry Potter’ movies or ‘The Lord of the Rings’.

Alice In Wonderland
is the story of a bored girl who follows a rabbit through a burrow and falls right down through a tunnel into another world where she shrinks to a smaller size and later turns into a giant. She meets several strange animals and creatures in this magical world.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Katrina Kaif would launch her personal website

Salman Khan , Bollywood superstar can scare anybody off with his hot temper, but hottie Katrina Kaif didn't even think once before tweeting on her current flame.
Only Katrina Kaif dares to make such daring comment against hot-headed Salman Khan that 'Salman is lazy' . Other than Kat if someone else comments that Salman is very lazy than Sallu miya would have teach him or her a good lesson. Since the comment has been made by Kat, he took it easily. Salman Khan’s love Katrina Kaif not only thinks that Salman is a lazy guy but she also declared it to the whole world.

Katrina herself is tired of answering question about her Twitter profile. She has been denying all claims of using Twitter right since the beginning but fans have been going bonkers over the fake profile ever since it launched. A recent Tweet which stated that 'Salman is lazy' created quite a stir in the Tweeting junta and the gossip hungry media alike.
However, Katrina has agreed to launch her own website, but it won't cover her day to day activities, let alone personal information. “I don't think it’s cool to let people know where I am or what I’m doing throughout the day… I guess my life is not an open Facebook.” She revealed she would launch her personal website called by the end of the year.And as she is the most searched,her site will be a great demand.