Sunday, April 17, 2011

YouTube Piracy Violators Will Attend Copyright School, Google Says. Today Google News

Google and YouTube on Saturday strengthened its copyright laws, and whoever infringes or violates them, need to attend and pass “copyright school” before granting any further uploads.
Facing fire due to piracy issues from the movie and music industry (and just about everyone), Google and YouTube plans to teach some lessons against the criminal act.
According to YouTube, “Because copyright law can be complicated, education is critical to ensure that our users understand the rules and continue to play by them. That’s why today we’re releasing a new tutorial on copyright and a redesigned copyright help center. We’re also making two changes to our copyright process to be sure that our users understand the rules, and that users who abide by those rules can remain active on the site.”

If a user violates the rules thrice, irrespective of other matters, YouTube will pull you out, account suspended, and devoid of the ability to break more rules.

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