Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fall Fashion Trends for Women

Fall Fashion Trends for Women
Leather and velvet are the two fabrics that’ll completely dominate the world of fabrics. Be it short skirts, leggings, dresses, pants or jackets, leather will be seen everywhere. On the other hand velvet will give that much needed classy and feminine touch to your wardrobe. It won’t be looked down as a girly fabric, instead it will emerge as a new face of sophistication. So do not forget to stock your wardrobe with elegant velvet dresses. Read more on leather clothing.
Fall is all about colors, naturally fashion trends will also reflect this natural phenomenon. Like always, red, orange and yellow will be a huge hit. However, red will undergo a slight make over and will present itself in blue undertones. Deep yellow will be a preferred choice over the brighter one. Orange will remain as vibrant as ever. Similarly, earthy shades like gray, deep purple, royal blue will be sought after as well. Read more on women’s clothing.
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