Friday, April 22, 2011

Bold Mallika Sherawat Shoot for FHM India April 2011

 Bold Mallika Sherawat Shoot for FHM India April 2011 — Mallika Sherawat is the cover girl for FHM Magazine’s Indian edition for the month of April 2011. This photoshoot can be rated hottest by quiet a margin then the previously shot by FHM India. Mallika Sherawat at work she is best known for. This JAT babe is known for her bold avatar but missing in bollywood due to over ambitions to become hollywood star. Anyway won’t take much time, Checkout Mallika Sherawat FHM Photoshoot.

Mallika Sherawat is lying sprawled out on a pile of mattresses in black lace knickers looking at the ceiling as the stylist places her bed sheet with such precision that it would make a missile strike look like a blob. “I don’t know why all men want to see me naked,” she playfully teases. And she isn’t wrong to wonder. There is something undeniably and fundamentally sexual about Mallika Sherawat and not just because she’s wriggling her way in and out of a white sheet right in front of us. She’s the girl your mother warned you about.  “I am single…” she says, “Not single by choice but more out of compulsion. But I’m just a normal girl…” Standing before just another boy asking him to love you? You finish her sentence and then curse yourself for being so corny. No ya. But you do come home at night and want someone to cuddle on the couch and eat popcorn with.   When we come home at night, cuddling can be a part of it, but we want to do other things. Let’s reach the cuddle and popcorn stage first, we’ll talk about other things later. In that case, flowers are on the way. But will you have a spread ready? We’re kind of hungry.  I do know how to cook… I make a lot of smoothies. Wait, making smoothies isn’t cooking. Sure it is. Anything you do in a kitchen is cooking. How come you are not asking me about other things – Like the time when I was honoured in LA or when I met Clinton. You want us to ask you what happened when you met Clinton? That just sounds wrong! You’re perverted.

Well you are the one who wants us to ask you about Clinton remember. Fine what’s up with all these item numbers you are suddenly doing?  I’m doing a role in Double Dhamaal and it’s an honour to have a song composed especially for me.  It is a little strange that you just left the scene after Murder. Did hot item songs seem like the next progression?  Okay, what was the big deal with me doing Murder? Was it that I wore a swimsuit and kissed a few times? Seven years ago, you guys made it into such a big deal. Now all this is mainstream.

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