Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Outfit Ideas for School

It is tough to be on a fashion budget when you are a student but style does not have to be expensive. A stylish jean jacket or a sassy scarf or boots is all you need to make a statement with your school outfit ideas. The following are some cute outfit ideas for school.
Look 1: A cropped leather bomber jacket, a graphic tee, long wrap scarf and skinny jeans are a perfect choice for a casual chic look for school. If the weather allows then add a pair of knee high boots to complete the look.
Look 2: Accessories can make or break an outfit. Fashion accessories for teens are a great way to make a simple outfit stand out. For example, wearing a black tee with a dark denim jeans, low slung belt with an over sized turquoise necklace will make you stand out. This is a simple way of adapting teen fashion into your outfit ideas for school.
Look 3: A colorful hoodie with a cute denim mini skirt, fitted top and bright sneakers. This is one of the most classic trendy outfit ideas for high school students. If you are not comfortable in a mini skirt, then you can always try a knee length skirt.
Look 4: For a trendy gypsy look, wear chino trousers (low rise trousers which are a little baggy but still chic) with a fitted embroidered peasant top. To accessorize, throw on a few colorful beaded bracelets and a pair of semi dressy kitten healed sandals.
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