Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Latest Female Fashion Trends

Latest Female Fashion Trends: Some Must-Haves!
Jodhpur Pants:
These fashionable pants are completely uber cool in their appeal and have had their share of limelight lately. The unique shape of the trousers makes it more eye-catching as compared to regular fits. Jodhpur pants are wider at the thighs and end up giving a fuller look. Therefore, Jodhpur pants are best left for the slim silhouette; girls with wide hips should avoid these completely. Look for shades of beige and black that blends well for any occasion!
Voluminous Skirts:
I can never get enough of skirts and bet you can’t as well! The good news is flared knee length skirts are back with a vengeance and how! Added layers and gathers are currently very much in vogue. Don a bright skirt for an evening out at the cafĂ© and watch the swish and swirls cause everyone to turn green with envy! This is also the right time to experiment with tiered skirts.
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