Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ten Workout Tips for Men!

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Here are a few tips for those who don’t know how to build their muscles.
  1. Don’t be under the illusion that if you workout like a maniac you will build muscles in a day. That is simply not possible! The key is to ease into the process gradually. You have to give your strengths a little time to be built. Moderate activity is exactly what you need.
  2. Don’t expect yourself to do 50 reps at once. 20 reps is the ideal range but even that cannot be achieved with the click of a finger. Hard work and consistent exercise is the key to do it.
  3. Change your eating habits. Bring more Carbs and proteins into your diet by adding things like egg-whites, low-fat yogurt, milk and cereal into your meals. The ideal time to fill your tummy is at breakfast and after training. Like a car, you need fuel to run and breakfast is the time when you fill your tank up. Keep a drink full of Carbs and proteins nearby to boost your energy after workout
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