Sunday, July 3, 2011

Maria Susairaj, Neeraj Grover Case Inspires RGV Is Not 'A Love Story "

Ram Gopal Varma's upcoming film "Not A Love Story" is said to be a pop adaptation of the sensational and brutal killing TV producer Neeraj Grover. A Mumbai sessions court sentenced Emile Jerome for 10 years in prison, while the Kannada actor and girlfriend Maria Susairaj Jerome received three years in prison in the case. Jerome, a former naval officer, was convicted of culpable homicide not amounting to murder under the Indian Penal Code § 304 (part 1) and destruction of evidence in accordance with § two hundred and first Maria was found guilty of simply the destruction of evidence.

Mahi Gill says the role of Maria Susairaj, Deepak Dobriyal his friend Jerome, and Neeraj Grover Ajay gehya plays.

The trailer for the film Ram Gopal Varma was released on June 30, along with "Delhi Belly"

Ram Gopal Varma, in a recent interview he said: "It is a love story" was inspired by real events, but not based on the case of Grover completely.

Shocking trailer for the film shows the two wires that he killed the third and then have sex in front of the body, cut into pieces and disposed of shopping bags.

Ram Gopal Varma has said he wants to throw his next film Maria Susairaj, Kannada actress now that is freed from charges of killing TV executive Neeraj Grover murder.

The actor, who has been jailed for three years, is expected to walk free after being found guilty of destroying evidence and does not commit the murder.

"Maria Susairaj wanted to become famous as an actress, and became famous as murdress ... If all goes well it could have been one for his Rangeela

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