Monday, September 7, 2009

Katrina Kaif as brand ambassador of International fairness cream

he red-hot alluring fille happens to be heart-n-soul of young lads. Indeed, she tops the charts of Indian actresses downloaded very often. Now, Katrina Kaif has been naturally adhered to endorse an internationally acclaimed fairness cream Olay in India.

Olay’s Natural white cream had recently hit the stores of India and now the manufacturers believe Katrina’s presence would yet more enhance the brand’s quality.

When approached Katrina, she said, “Usually, I don’t gear up for endorsements as on talks. I make it a point in undertaking research about the company’s range and products churned out of it. Well, on this criterion, Olay is sure to deliver crème de la crème on its part to the consumers.”

Katrina Kaif remains ahead in getting more offers ever since she replaced Aishwarya Rai in various brands as Nakshathra.

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