Friday, October 23, 2009

Deepika Padukone & Katrina Kaif scuffle

Mumbai: The two hot babes of Bollywood are not taking up arms against each other. The recent stories of Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina affair had hit the tabloids during the shoot of Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani.

This is making Deepika insecure and she blames Katrina for the rumors. Katrina herself claimed that she shares good chemistry with the Kapoor boy and she is very’comfortable’ working with him. Katrina even went on to say they have similar visions about films.

Deepika’s association with Farhan Akhtar is also seen with a questionable eye by the media and she blames Katrina to spread such things to spoil her relation with Ranbir.

According to a source close to Kat “What can she possibly get by spreading stories about Deepika? She is not the sort of person to resort to mud-slinging. Someone is creating a misunderstanding between them.”

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