Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kareena Kapoor's Diet Plan: Sensible And Reproducible

Kareena New Look

It is a perception of East Indian cuisine, make you fat. Food of every culture can make a person fat. All kitchens are proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. The secret to maintain body weight and height in relation to their health is the right balance. This is what Kareena Kapoor's diet plan is all about.

Kareena, before his weight loss has been described as a "typical Punjabi girl" and his family were known for their love of food, which critics say Kareena symbolized. Critics say Kareena being a celebrity should have been a "perfect-10 body"

Rujuka Diwekar is credited to give Kareena a diet that some critics say, has Karena looks anorexic, others are fascinated by her new look and think she looks "fabulous" Kareena is now described as having a size zero figure .

Kareena diet plan

According to Kareena, the dietitian taught him to "eat well. Eat well and eat regularly. "She also admits that her weight loss due to a combination of diet and exercise, and yoga. This is all nutritionists recommend for weight loss, diet and exercise. Anyone can do that in every culture. Take a look at the success of the U.S. television hit "The Biggest Loser" for example.

Even Kareena says her meals are planned according to activity level. Its diet consists of East Indian cooking, although the names of the meals are different, what is important is what nutrients they contain. Attempt to eat meals like is not the solution to lose weight. Of course, you can try the food for the pleasure and taste a different cuisine, but they can not cost you anything easier than meals in your own culture.

An overview of food Kareena:

In Mumbai, is muesli and milk or coffee and chillah parathas, not chai (tea from India) o. Muesli is a breakfast cereal based on raw oatmeal, fruit and bread is nuts.Chillah chile powder and chile verde. Paratha is a flatbread made with butter and ghee. Almost every culture has its own version, for example, Italian pizza or West Indian cooking light unleavened tortillas or Mexican fried or baked from cornmeal or wheat flour.

During the filming of Tasha Ladakh, Kareena ate fresh fruit, which is more or less general recommendation for healthy breakfast. It was thukpa, Tibetan noodle soup and momos (dumplings with meat) for other meals. Pudina was tea without milk. Kerala, Kareena had idlis fermented rice and lentil dough overnight. It 'was also appams (breakfast pancakes as bread, pasta, rice).

The secret is simple

Nothing about this sounds like the meal special diet meals. They are normal meals, the nutrients in every kitchen. Kareena believes in nutrition and not counting calories, and she believes in eating more when they are less active and less active when. She believes in having the fruit and milk to start the day instead of tea or coffee, and eat regularly every two hours. Eat whole fruit instead of drinking fruit juice, and drink plenty of water a day is high on his list.She said his evening snack is soy milk or a sandwich.

In conclusion, Kareena Kapoor diet plan is not unique, that's what a good dietitian or nutritionist recommended in all cultures. Like Kareena, be smart about your diet, add exercise to support weight loss, and you can also lose weight.

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