Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Akshay, Katrina left without suites

Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif ended up in an unusual spot literally.

Revealed a unit source, "While shooting for Ratan Jain's De Dana Dhan, the lead pair of the film Akshay and Katrina were to be shifted to luxurious seven star hotel. The reason being Akshay wanted a hotel which showed the IPL matches. Now Ratan Jain, the big hearted producer that he is, decided to get his entire unit there and not make them feel left out."

He further added, "Now it so happened that while the rest of the cast and crew showed promptness in shifting from their earlier hotel to the new seven star one, Akshay and Katrina somehow ended up reaching late due to prior commitments at the new hotel. But that proved to be their undoing as by the time they had arrived, all the had been allotted to the rest of the cast and crew. Now non of the unit members were willing to let go off their luxurious suites for Akshay and Katrina. This put the poor producer in a fix. But finally somehow adjustments were made and the embarrassing situation was brought to an end."

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