Sunday, July 3, 2011

Shahid Man Voted Sexiest Vegetarian In Asia

"I have always supported the cause is a vegetarian, and it's nice to be felicitated for something so close to my heart. We, as sexy is a matter of interpretation, but it is a vegetarian is a lifestyle change and something that you feel responsible, "Shahid said in a statement.

Singer Faye Wong was crowned sexiest vegetarian Asian women. Other popular contenders included actors Kareena Kapoor and R. Madhavan, model-turned-Hollywood actress Maggie Q and Mongolian singer Nominjin, a Taiwanese actress Blue Lan, Gao Yuanyuan actors and Barbie Hsu, Louis Cheung, and songwriter Going vegetarian is the best thing you can do to the animals, land and your health. In addition, there is no easy way to stay slim and sexy - and Faye Wong and Shahid Kapoor are the living proof, "said Jason Baker, PETA's Asia vice president for international campaigns.

Shahid, who won sexiest vegetarian PETA India contest in 2009, also starred in an advertising campaign "Girls Love Vegetarian," which promotes plant-based diet.

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