Monday, July 4, 2011

I Need Time To 'Shirin Farhad': Farah Khan

Being half-Parsi is not really helping Farah Khan will make his acting debut as a woman in the film by Bela Sehgal Parsi Shirin Farhad. The choreographer turned actor and director needs time to prepare for the game to match the performance of their co-stars Boman Irani.

While Farah is only a half-Parsi, Boman is a full-Parsi. To match natural Parsi accent and body language take time to acclimate to Farah over the role of 45 years who seeks love in a chronically single mother to child.

"I'm very nervous. And I need time to prepare. Boman has promised to do the readings (repetitions) with me. I spend much time with many Parsis, trying to catch your attention, watching how they dress, walk, talk and interact. Parsi side me is very strong in my emotional personality, my behavior and peculiarities. But none of us in my family speaks Gujarati. All non-Parsi married in communities, "said Farah

His stint as a judge on the reality dance show "Just Dance" is much more of her energy than she had imagined. Add to that the stress of going to a new domain with a new director, Farah now deal with the excess baggage to change his body language and appearance of the page Shrine.

"When the performance tests as magical as Parsi woman who gave Shabana Azmi Pestonjee under the direction of an experienced leader Vijaya Mehta, Farah, and Bela is an act hard to follow. In Pestonjee, Shabana had to respond to his accent and the Parsi 'aspect of Naseeruddin Shah's inimitable. None of them was Parsi "said a source.

Farah agrees to act Pestonjee Parsi Shabana beat. "But my role is very different Shirin Farhad. Parsis No two women are the same," he said.

What short-Bela Sehgal that Farah, a change in her appearance and body language of a part, Farah, he joked: "I am the director, an actor I do what I asked ..

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