Monday, July 4, 2011

Aamir Settles Copyright Infringement On "Bose DK"

Bhaag DK Bose, "the latest production of a popular song of Aamir Khan's Delhi Belly accidentally violated copyright of the artist duo, which is a registered trademark of similar name, but the actress has now been amicably resolved the issue.

Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra had stated that "BoseDK the term was originally their idea, and the title of their first exhibition at Gallery Nature Morte in 2005.

Aamir, who was unaware of the trademark, is now recognized that the expression of his own, saying he has no right to it.

Before, he approached me, I was not aware of the similarity between its mark and the title of the song. I am here to emphasize that the term is their labels. We have no right to it at all, "said Aamir, who was in the capital today to clarify his position on the issue.

Thukral and Tagra, who approached Aamir June 24, said he was not seeking any monetary claim. The artists said they simply "fair recognition" by the superstar.

"We were surprised when we saw the term used in the song. Thought it was important for us artists to fight for our work.

"We shared our concerns with Aamir. As the artist himself, understand and appreciate our concerns. We agree that this was a creative impulse that caused such a" Bosedk "our work and song. We are very grateful for their frankness in addressing the question, "said Thukral and Tagra.

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